To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Lorne Goldenberg since July of 1994 when I became the Head Coach of the Quebec Nordiques. At that time Lorne had been the strength coach for the team since September of 1991.

In his capacity as a strength and conditioning coach, Lorne has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the physiological demands that is necessary to play professional hockey. The program that he had our players on since 1991, had a positive effect on the development of our young players, as well as the veteran players on the team. This development culminated in a Stanley Cup Championship for us in 1996. Conditioning is not something that is developed over one season and I felt that the program that we were following in previous years had a definite role in our team's success.

Lorne's ability to periodize our on-ice and off-ice workouts has proven to be a valuable asset in our game and playoff preparation. Additionally, he has demonstrated excellent coaching skills in teaching our players safe exercise technique. His reports that he has provided to the coaching staff regarding individual player and team results were very useful to us in assisting the organization in making decisions about specific players.

It is for the above reason that I would highly recommend Lorne to any team who is in search of a strength and conditioning coach.

Yours truly,

Marc Crawford
Head Coach - Colorado Avalanche