September 2, 1997

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter will serve as a recommendation for Lorne Goldenberg, and his company Strength Tek Fitness Consulting.

I have known Lorne for over 10 years. In that time I have seen him grow and mature as an individual who is both dedicated and committed to work he performs. His concern for detail is evident in the precise reports he has provided to the coaching staff and management, as well as in the energetic workouts he has provided for our athletes.

In the sports or business world effective communication is a key to success. Lorne has demonstrated exemplary communication skills. This has been evident in his ability to convey the results of testing, and player progress to management, and even more importantly the players who desire the feedback to assist in their phiysical improvement. His communication skills have been even more evident in his ability to deal with large numbers of athletes in a group workout or lecture setting.

Lorne has demonstrated a desire for quality and continuing improvement in his skills. This is evident in the number of professional development opportunities that he has attended, which in turn has always enriched the team.

His understanding for the physiological principles with regard to sports performance, as well as his administrative abilities, would make Lorne Goldenberg an excellent candidate for a position in any organization.

Yours truly,

Jaques Martin
Head Coach
Ottawa Senators Hockey Club