The ACC newsletter is a monthly publication created by the Strength Coaches at the ACC. It is packed with much useful information and news about training and the goings on at the Athletic Conditioning Center. Some of the regular features include exercise of the month, ACC athlete profile, and a nutrition column. Have a read through some of our back issues and see how we keep our athletes on the cutting edge of sports performance.

Format Date Exercise of the
Athlete Profile Miscellaneous
May 2006 Inchworm Liz Wilson Importance of Dynamic Warm-up
Mar 2006 Cross Box Step-Up Dustin Cook Strength Training and the Golfer
Jan/Feb 2006 Scorpion Reverse Hyper ACC Olympians Olympic Lifting
Nov/Dec 2005 Stability Ball Push-Up Mike Blunden - Hockey The Female Athlete and ACL Injury
Oct 2005 Half Kneeling Chop Erik Caron - Hockey Eccentric Training
Sept 2005 Lateral Sandbag Drag Mike Beynon Florida Panthers @
ACC, Detraining
Feb 2005 Low Pulley Squat to Press Mark Coldham - Gold Creatine
Jan 2005 Scorpion Glute Ham Raise Tom Riley - Hockey Carbohydrates
Dec 2004 Drop Clean Alden Morgan - Rugby Protein
Nov 2004 Bosu Landmine Twist Kristyn Hope - Skiing Importance of Water
April 2004 Rotation Around the Core    

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